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Penny Sales Tax Extension

How will the money be used?

On November 4, 2014, voters overwhelmingly supported the extension of the penny sales tax. This website is designed to help you better understand how the penny sales tax works and what to expect in the future.
During the past two years, a group of 18 citizens, appointed by our local City and County Commissions, held dozens of public meetings – seeking input and counsel from thousands of citizens – to present a forward looking consensus plan. This plan:
  • Improve and expand local roads
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Build new sidewalks to local schools, commercial areas and recreational amenities
  • Target projects in all parts of Leon County
  • Reduce neighborhood flooding
  • Expand green spaces, parks and natural areas
  • Create and promote jobs in our community

Project Areas



Projects that link current amenities, neighborhoods, and/or multi-modal nodes through sidewalks,… more


Projects that develop distinct community entryways that showcase the character and beauty of… more

Community Enhancement

Projects that create special urban places which foster a sense of community and inspire a creative… more

Regional Mobility

Projects that create an integrated regional multi-modal network that considers air, mass transit, automobile, bike, and pedestrian transportation modes. This holistic… more

Quality of Life

Projects that promote public recreation and eco-tourism while protecting and preserving the community’s environment and natural resources. In addition, projects… more

Project Areas

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