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Northeast Park

Quality of Life


The Northeast Park is 100-acre parcel located at the corner of Proctor Road and Thomasville Road, of which 55 acres are anticipated to hold activity-based facilities (playground and activity fields).  The remaining 45 acres of the park are anticipated to be set aside as a passive park (trails and greenspace).  This project could also include the realignment and paving of Proctor Road within the confines of the park site.  Additionally, a northbound turn lane would need to be added on Thomasville Road to facilitate traffic flow into the park.


Active Park (55 acres):

  • Baseball and multi-purpose fields
  • Playground
  • Amenities such as concession/restroom facilities, sidewalks, lighting, etc.

Passive Park (45 acres):

  • Greenways
  • Hiking and biking trails.

Park design and amenities to be determined through community input.


Estimated Cost: $10 million