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Northeast Gateway (Welaunee Boulevard from Fleischmann to Shamrock)



The Northeast Gateway includes major infrastructure within the entire 7,000-acre Welaunee Critical Planning Area.  Building region-serving roads to support a new I-10 interchange will provide leverage to attract interchange funding from other sources.  The I-10 interchange, Welaunee Boulevard and other region-serving roads may take pressure off the scenic and protected Miccosukee and Centerville canopy roads, and potentially avoid costs for upgrades at the Thomasville Road and U.S. 90 I-10 interchanges.  Except for a portion of the Welaunee Greenway, all potential development spurred by these road improvements will be located inside the Urban Services Area on lands planned for urban development since 1990. 



Creates a gateway for northeast Leon County that is split into two project phases.


Estimated Cost:

  • Phase 1 – $47.3 million
  • Phase 2 – $30.7 million

 Phase 1 project elements include:

  • Creates a regional road to support a new I-10 interchange
  • Constructs  four lane Welaunee Boulevard South (Fleischmann Road to I-10) and North ( I-10 to Shamrock Way)
  • Extends two lane Shamrock Way (Centerville Road to Welaunee Boulevard)
  • Creation of the 8.4 mile Welaunee Greenway, with a footbridge across I-10 to connect to the Miccosukee Greenway, creating a 17-mile trail loop

Phase 2 project elements may occur once transportation connections north of Roberts Road have been identified and funded consistent with the County and City interlocal agreement.  Phase 2 project elements include: 

  • Extends four lane Welaunee Boulevard North (Shamrock Way to Roberts Road)
  • Extends two lane Shamrock Way (Welaunee Boulevard to Mahan Drive)
  • Adds four additional trailheads on Miccosukee Greenway