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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this a new tax?

No. In 1989, voters came together to authorize this tax to fund roads and address public safety needs. Ten years later, the tax was extended with a broader mission: not just to expand and improve our local roads, but also to expand our parks and reduce flooding. Since passage our roads have been significantly improved with the expansion of Thomasvillle Road, Mahan Drive, Capital Circle, Park Avenue, Orange Avenue, and many others; as well as the extension of Blair Stone Road. Additionally, we have been recognized as having the Best Parks in America and have built the current Leon County jail.

Where is the money spent?

Every single dollar generated by this extension is spent on improvements right here in Leon County.

How is the money used?

It is important to recognize that expenditures are reviewed by a citizens’ committee, subject to an independent annual audit and overseen by our locally elected leaders. The current plan calls for these dollars to be spent on projects that will improve and expand local roads throughout the community. Funds also go towards building more sidewalks near schools, creating local jobs, reducing flooding, and expanding green spaces and other recreational areas.

Who pays this tax?

The sales tax extension maintains the penny tax on the sale of local goods. This means that anyone who buys taxable products in Leon County will be contributing their penny to our community. This not only includes residents but also visitors, travelers, and businesses who make purchases in Leon County. It is estimated that more than 20 percent of the sales tax collected will be from visitors to Leon County. Additionally, many of the proposed projects will help bring in millions of state and federal matching dollars.

What projects are these tax dollars funding?

• Improving local roads;
• Reducing traffic congestion;
• Adding sidewalks near our schools;
• Reducing neighborhood flooding;
• Expanding green spaces, parks and other natural areas; and
• Creating and promoting jobs right here in our community.

How long will it last?

It will be in effect for 20 years.

What did the ballot say?

ONE CENT LOCAL GOVERNMENT SURTAX EXTENSION: To provide for projects designed to improve roads; reduce traffic congestion; protect lakes and water quality; reduce flooding; expand and operate parks and recreational areas; invest in economic development; and other uses authorized under Florida law; and to seek matching funds for these purposes, shall the existing one cent sales surtax within Leon County be extended until December 31, 2039, with project expenditures subject to annual independent audit and review by a citizens advisory committee?